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Make a better Android app with professional-quality Android Dialog Icons!
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5 March 2015

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Google’s Android OS platform has soared in terms of popularity to such an extent that not only it has penetrated in to the markets worldwide, but also managed to secure the top spot in terms of user-base, thus surpassing other key players such as Apple and Research In Motion. The immense popularity enjoyed by Android can be primarily attributed to its open ecosystem where app developers are welcome to submit their products and earn considerably high revenues from those via various ways. So if you also happen to be an app developer eying on to cash on the growing popularity of Android, then here is a tool in offering from Aha-soft that can be of great usage to you. Dubbed Android Dialog Icons 2012.1, the software provides Android developers with professional quality dialogue icons which they can exploit to enhance the visual aspect of their apps.

Android Dialog Icons 2012.1 is easy to use and brings you a wide range of features that very few other programs of its class can actually offer. The extensive set of Android dialogue box that it brings along includes images depicting multiple different OS platforms, currencies, numbers, calculators and so on. In addition, a substantial amount of email and organizer symbols, calendar images etc. are also available. Overall, the app offers you close to 150 different Android dialogue icons in HDPI, MDPI as well as ISPI resolutions. A dedicated and detailed help section also accompanies the software which will guide you through any issues you might face while operating it. The price however, could be termed by many as a little over-the-top. But if you are willing to spend a few bucks extra for additional quality, this is the product to go for.

To conclude with, the software is reliable, feature-rich, and offers great ease-of-use. Hence it gets a score of four rating points out of five for its overall usability.

Publisher's description

Develop Android apps faster with professional-quality Android Dialog Icons! These slick, high pixel count icons will blend seamlessly with the Android environment with their semi-translucent alpha channel. In addition, an extra alpha channel is included to allow you adjusting the visible depth of each image, making the icons appear more or less etched.
The collection of Android dialog icons includes images you're likely to use in your newly developed Android app. Images representing the different operating systems, calculator, numbers and currencies, calendar, a variety of mail and organizer symbols are supplied. Thanks to the available vector sources, the icons support low and high resolution displays as well as the newest high-definition screens available in newer Android devices. You can render a crisp, detailed and well-defined image in literally any resolution from the SVG or AI vector sources.
Technically, your order will get you as many as 133 unique Android icons, each in hdpi, mdpi and ldpi resolutions, which corresponds to pre-rendered sizes of 48x48, 32x32, and 24x24 pixels. The icons are designed in correspondence with specifications set by Guidelines for Dialog Icons for Android 2.3 and higher, and are supplied in PNG and PSD formats, the latter including the extra channel for adjusting the depth of each icon.
The entire collection is readily available. All Android Dialog Icons are completely royalty-free, allowing you to re-use them in as many Android apps as needed. In fact, after placing an order, you can use the icons on your Web site or apps running on systems other than Android.
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Android Dialog Icons
Android Dialog Icons
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